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Global documents is the number one shop for buying real fake passports all over Asia. the quality of our products is outstanding and we have served over 6000 Asian passports already with not back lash. Our clients range from people who change their identities for security reasons, through normal citizens of Asian countries making finding difficulties to obtain a travel passport, and to foreigners seeking dual nationality. Read more about Passports

Our secrecy and secure handling of client details is legendary. You can read more on our policy on our policy page HERE. Also, you can find out more about global documents HERE. What you will be required to do is to contact our customer service agents through this website. In addition to that, our agents are going to get more information on what you want and direct you on how to apply for your real fake passport for Asian countries on our application form. Finally, we emphasize that you fill the buy passport online form correctly especially filling in the right postal address. The information you put on the buy passport online form is to be used to produce your real passport or fake passport; then the passport is then shipped to the postal address you provide on the buy passport online form.


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We respect the time you set on the application form. In some cases, we may produce and post your passports faster than you expect. Work with Us to buy your registered fake Id parcel and see the difference.


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All our scannable passports are guaranteed to be scanned and swiped, we collect a photo of your fingerprint for the bio-metrics. Our passports pass the physical quality tests and you can feel confident in any security system.

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The confidentiality of our clients information is one of our key principles. You can read more about this if you click HERE. We do not abuse the trust you give us for your scannable fake passports.

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Our pricing for scannable fake passports is moderate. Just enough to engage the process of registration, production and posting. Of course, plus a decent profit for the company to continue with excellence.

Our Guarantees

Global documents is the Only Service that Guarantees you of Buying a
registered Passport and getting it to your home in a very safe
means. We are here and we will offer 100% quality services to satisfy
our clients.

Our agents are here to make sure that you do not
leave this site with a bad review and to make sure that we remain the
best as we are. Our working procedures alone already guarantee you a
safe business, making sure that you will be able to see and confirm your
document authenticity before complete payment is done.

So we first trust our clients, and we expect back an equal trust from them.

Global documents runs on a Policy which is based on satisfying its clients and a principal objective, before any other thing. Contact us below in the “contact us” form and get started with your drivers license process. Contact Us. For more on our passport services, click HERE.

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